the next good book


This site is meant to share good book suggestions with other readers.  I enjoy so many of the literary book blogs out there, but I often want to read the blog after I have read the book, not before.  This site is meant to be a resource to anyone who wants a quick suggestion on what book to read next.  The reviews are meant to be brief and not spoil the plot.

Selfishly, I find that I read books much like I breathe,  which means I do not always take the time to think about what I am reading.  The process of critically thinking about books will add so much to my appreciation of what I have read.  

What constitutes a good book?  There are as many answers to that question as there are books themselves.  For me it is often a book that moves me, makes me think, or takes me to a different place.   However, I also love to laugh, sit on the edge of my seat, or just be entertained by a book.   There is room on my bookshelf for all kinds of books.  Some of my favorite conversations are about books.  I am hoping this will be a conversation among lots of book lovers.  I hope this site will lead to lots of good suggestions for all of us