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The Covenant of Water

"This is the covenant of water: that they're all linked inescapably by their acts of commission and omission, and no one stands alone."

Hungry Ghosts

"Hans looked at his son, pummeled and bruised, brimming with silent anger. In his son, saw the soul of his father.  Not a protector, but a pugilist.  He knew his father to be fighting man who had been knocked down more times than he could count- and because of that, he made his family into his opponent.  Because that was at least a fight he could win."

All The Lonely People

"It used to be the family all looking out for one another, but it's not like that anymore.  It used to be you at least knew your doctor, but these days you're lucky to get an appointment, let alone see the same GP twice.  It used to be your neighbors kept an eye on you, but people like to keep themselves to themselves now.  It used to be that you belonged to a community, but really, is there such a thing anymore?  Now it's more like every man for himself."

For many different reasons these books have been special to me over the years.  

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