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You’re On An Airplane

By Parker Posey


307 pages

What’s it about? Parker Posey is an actress who is known for her work in independent films.  In this memoir Parker Posey creates a scene where she is on an airplane and talking with us- the reader.   She relates some stories about her childhood, some about her work, and some- I am just not sure what they were about.What did it make me think about? All I could think of is those little silver balls in a pinball machine.  How they go bouncing around like crazy with no clear direction.  That’s what I felt like while reading this book… Should I read it? I kept thinking that this book was Parker Posey’s version of performance art.  My favorite part of the book was the photo of her as a small baby with false eyelashes on.  She is an original… Quote- “The first photograph I have of myself is of the moment I was brought home from the hospital.  I’m in my mother’s false eyelashes.  When I asked my mom why she put fake eyelashes on me, she said ‘you were so small, I didn’t know what to do with you’.”

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