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Young God

By Katherine Faw Morris


193 pages

What’s it about? Nikki is a 13-year-old girl living in rural North Carolina.  We follow her life for a short time in this very raw novel.What did I think? This novel was written in a bleak, sparse style that matched the plot.   Reading this book was much like watching a train wreck- you want to look away but somehow you just don’t.   The writer has style, but her characters lack depth and you start to feel like you are being beaten with a hammer.   The best sparse, raw novels are the ones where we catch a small glimpse of goodness in the face of real sorrow.  It is one dismal day after another in Nikki’s life, with not even a glimmer of humanity or beauty.Should you read it? It is incredibly quick and if you like raw, bleak novels then you may enjoy this.  I think there are better books out there that are written in this style. Quote- “HEROIN IS THE MOST SECRET OF THEM ALL and needles are the most secret part and she has loved secrets ever since she was a little girl.”

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