the next good book

Writers & Lovers

By Lily King


324 pages

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What’s it about? Casey is in her early thirties and still struggling to finish her first novel.  She waits tables in Harvard Square as she recovers from her mother’s unexpected death and a brief love affair. She is burdened by grief, anxiety, and debt but she continues to try to write.“I liked reading, but I was picky about books.  I think the enthusiasm came when I started writing.  Then I understood how hard it is to re-create in words what you see and feel in your head.”What did it make me think about? I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this book.  This is a novel for those that love the written word.  However it is also about so much more.“I squat there and think about how you get trained early on as a woman to perceive how others are perceiving you, at the great expense of what you yourself are feeling about them.”So many small revelations- so much hope.
Should I read it? The first novel I read by Lily King was “The Pleasing Hour”and I have not missed any of her books since. For some reason I have been putting this one off.  Shame on me!  I am sure “Writers & Lovers” has an autobiographical element to it, and for that reason alone I would love to get stuck in an elevator with Lily King one day!
Quote- “Nearly every guy I’ve dated believed they should already be famous, believed that greatness was their destiny and they were already behind schedule.  An early moment of intimacy often involved a confession of this sort: a childhood vision, teacher’s prophesy, a genius IQ.  At first, with my boyfriend in college, I believed it, too.  Later, I thought I was just choosing delusional men.  Now I understand it’s how boys are raised to think, now they are lured into adulthood. I’ve met ambitious women, driven women, but no woman has ever told me that greatness was her destiny.”“I just nodded.  I wish I had been awful to her that day.  I wind I’d thrown my food and screamed vile things at her.  I wish she’d dug all my feelings out of me.  Maybe I’d be better at saying them now.”

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