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Where The Crawdads Sing

By Delia Owens


368 pages

What’s it about? Six-year-old Kya lives in a isolated marsh off the coast of North Carolina.  It is 1951 and her family slowly disintegrates.  Remarkably she manages to eek out a lonely existence in an old shack in the marsh by herself.    She is called “the marsh girl” and most of the people in town think of her as “white trash”  She slowly learns to avoid people.  This is Kya’s story. What did it make me think about? I thought Kya’s situation was sad and then I was quickly drawn into the plot. ​ Should I read it? So this book received so many great reviews and I have been looking forward to reading it for so long.  It is part mystery, part love story, part a nature book, and part a survival story.  While I thought it was a good book with a good plot- I did not love it like some readers did.  Maybe my expectations were just too high.  It is well worth reading but this book did not knock me off my feet…. Quote-​” Just like their whiskey, the marsh dwellers bootlegged their won laws- not like those burned onto stone tablets or inscribed on documents, but deeper ones, stamped in their genes.  Ancient and natural, like those hatched from hawks and doves. When cornered, desperate, or isolated, man reverts to those instincts that aim straight at survival.  Quick and just.  They will always be the trump cards because they are passed on more frequently from one generation to the next that the gentler genes.  It is not a morality, but simple math.  Among themselves doves fight as often as hawks.”

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