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What Comes After

By Joanne Tompkins


416 pages

What’s it about? Daniel and Issac are best friends from childhood.  When they reach their teen years the differences between them become more evident.  When both boys die within days of each other, their families must come to terms with the circumstances.  In the midst of this a young, pregnant teenage girl arrives alone and in need of help.  What place does she have in the boys’ deaths? What did it make me think about? How do we come to terms with an insufferable loss?  What does how we handle these situations say about us as a person? Should I read it? This was a mystery at the core, but it touches on so many themes.  Of course loss, but also anger, love, family, and ultimately hope.  I really enjoyed this one.  I liked it so much that when I accidentally returned it to the library with 30 pages left- I just went out and bought it.  I recommend this one for all the mystery and literary fiction fans out there. Quote- “Wasn’t it the anger lurking beneath the surface that killed things in the end?”

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