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West With Giraffes

By Lynda Rutledge


354 pages

What’s it about? Woody Nickel is well over 105-years-old and feeling nostalgic.  When he looks back on his life one grand adventure stands out.  In 1938 two giraffes arrive in New York harbor after sailing through a hurricane.  They are loaded on a truck and driven across the country to the San Diego Zoo.  In one final last burst Woody frantically writes down how he came to know the Old Man, Red, and the giraffes. What did it make me think about? This is definitely the sweet, folksy story your grandmother would love.  What a different world it was in 1938. Should I read it? Although this book seems to be loved by all- I feel pretty lukewarm about it.  It is interesting, entertaining, and just a little too folksy for me.  However I recommend it to anyone who likes light historical fiction. Quote- “Time heals all wounds, they say.  I’m here to tell you that time can would you all on its own.  In a long life, there is a singular moment when you know you’ve made more memories than any new ones you’ll ever make.  That’s the moment your truest stories- the ones that made you the you that you became- are ever more in the front of your mind, as you begin to reach back for the you that you deemed best.”

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