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We Begin At The End

By Chris Whitaker


367 pages

What’s it about? Duchess is a 13 year-old girl just trying to keep her mom (Star) and her brother (Robin) safe.  Her only ally is a local sheriff named Walk.  Walk grew up with Star and does his best to keep her sober and watch out for her two kids.  When Star and Walk’s old friend Vincent is released from prison after 30 years everyone is put on edge.  This whole story hinges on one question- is Vincent a good man?What did it make me think about? Justice.Should I read it? This was a plot driven thriller and I thoroughly enjoyed it!   Set in both California and Montana this story has a western feel to it.  Occasionally some of the sentences seemed a little stilted, but can you argue with being too poetic?  Part hard luck story, part who-dun-it, but always full of heart.  I highly recommend this book.  One of my favorites this summer.Quote- “You’re like a kid.  Better and worse.  Bad and good.  None of us are only one thing.  We’re just a collection of the best and worst things we’ve done.”

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