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We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

By Karen Joy Fowler


308 pages

What’s it about? This book centers around the Cooke family from Bloomington, Indiana. Rosemary Cooke narrates the story of her family- but be forewarned that Rosemary starts in the middle of the story. I was expecting a family drama, but this novel is much different than what I expected.
What did it make me think about? So as I mentioned this book was totally unexpected. I did not read the back cover of the book before I started so I went into the book blind.  Maybe that was a good thing. This book was about childhood, memory, psychology, research, and animal activism.   This book has a point of view.Should I read it? I thought this was an interesting book. If you read to see issues from a new perspective then you will be open to this book. I was informed, educated, and made to feel by Fowler’s story.  At times the message was heavy handed and that might bother some readers.  This  is a book that will resonate will all animal lovers out there. Quote- “ It seemed to Lowell that psychological studies of nonhuman animals were mostly cumbersome, convoluted, and downright peculiar. They taught us little about the animals but lots about the researchers who designed and ran them.”

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