the next good book

Virgil Wander

By Leif Enger


300 pages

What’s it about?
Greenstone is a small mid-western town that has seen better days.  Virgil Wander owns the local movie theater.  It seems like Virgil’s life has been on autopilot for a long time, until one day his Pontiac careens off the road and lands in the icy waters of Lake Superior. Virgil survives but his language and memory are just not the same.  This is the story of a small town…

What did it make me think about?
I have read so many good books lately with a small community at the heart of the story.  This story just made me think of the goodness in most people.

Should I read it?
I loved “Peace Like a River” years ago and I loved this book as well.  Who wouldn’t love Virgil, Rune, Nadine, and Bjorn- as well as countless other characters living in Greenstone.  I will miss them all!

“A person never knows what’s next- I don’t anyway.  The surface of everything is thinner than we know.  A person can fall right through, without any warning at all.”

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