the next good book


By Glennon Doyle


328 pages

What’s it about? “Untamed” is the third memoir from Glennon Doyle- all recounting different phases of her life.  I have only read the last two memoirs but they seem to follow this trajectory. 1. Struggling young Christian mother overcoming addictions and relying on herself and her faith to create a strong family unit. 2.  Struggling wife and mother learning to trust herself as she tries to put her marriage back together. 3.  Strong, confident woman who is now in control of her own life and narrative after divorcing and having found true love with another woman.What did it make me think about? Can I like and dislike a book at the same time?  What happened to Glennon’s sense of humor?  Her ability to look at life seriously- and not take herself too seriously…. Should I read it? Glennon Doyle’s main message is that women need to be empowered.   I enjoyed “Love Warrior” and found Glennon’s journey and her message of empowering women to be inspirational.  Her candid feelings about her family and her faith journey were really interesting in the last book.  I am sure many women will also find “Untamed” inspirational.  I found many parts of “Untamed” thought provoking, and for that I am glad I read it.Noneof Glennon’s life choices offended me in any way.  I am really happy that Glennon and her family have found such life balance.  However, I often found Glennon to be SO sure of herself and her choices that I was put off.  The older I get the more I find my truths are not applicable to everyone.   The book was choppy to me- better in some parts that others.  So this wasn’t my favorite book- but I am still waiting for the next incarnation of Glennon, as she keeps me thinking! Quote- ​”I look hard at my faith, may friendships, my work, my sexuality, my entire life and asked: How much of this was my idea?  Do I truly want any of this, or is this what I was conditioned to want?  Which of my beliefs are of my own creation and which were programmed into me?  How much of who I’ve become is inherent and how much was just inherited? How much of the way I look and speak and behave is just how other people have trained me to look and speak and behave?  How many of the things I’ve spent my life chasing are just dirty pink bunnies?  Who was I before I became who the world told me to be?”

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