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Unlikely Animals

By Annie Hartnett


341 pages

What’s it about?

When Emma Starling returns home to New Hampshire to see her family she knows she will have to fess up to her failures.  She also knows she will have to deal with her father’s illness, her brother’s addiction, and her mother’s disappointment.  When she arrives to find her best friend from high school is missing she has one more problem to deal with.

What did it make me think about?

Annie Hartnett has an imagination!

Should I read it?

I really enjoyed “Rabbit Cake” By Annie Hartnett a few years ago.  Her stories are wacky and out there, but she has a great sense of humor and her books are just filled with humanity.  If you like animals, well-written characters, and an outlandish plot then I recommend you read either of these books.


“No one ever stops loving their high school best friend, no matter how we lose them.  Some of us at Maple Street had lost our childhood best friends to world wars, to polio, to childbirth, to other violent ends, or just to plain old boring time and separation, but we’d all take a piece of that love to the grave.”

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