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Today Will Be Different

By Maria Semple


259 pages

Today Will Be Different byMaria Semple What’s it about? This book follows a day in the life of Eleanor Flood.  Today Eleanor vows to be different…. What did it make me think about? Maria Semple always makes me smile.  She is a keen observer of human nature, and her wit makes her novels stand out. Should I read it? I laughed my way through “There’s Something About Bernadette” and was looking forward to Ms. Semple’s next book.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story as well.  The author verges on being too clever for her own good, but always manages to finish with just the right amount of earnestness.  I will have to admit that her observances are sometimes better than her plot. Quote- “It wasn’t the end of Bucky that had Eleanor living in Technicolor.  It was being a sister again.  There was no relief deeper than being loved by the person who’d known you the longest.  Eleanor’s heart giggled with mad abundance: so much to share, so much goodwill, so many notes to compare, so many ways to help and be helped.  She went out into the world, everything a performance for her coconspirator, Ivy.  It was Eleanor at her vibrant best.”

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