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This Is How I Lied

By Heather Gudenkauf


332 pages

What’s it about? In 1995 16-year-old Eve Knox is found murdered in the caves near her home.  Her best friend, Maggie Kennedy and her sister, Nola find the body.  The case is never solved.  In 2020 a new piece of evidence is found at the murder site and the case is reopened and assigned to new detective Maggie Kennedy O’Keefe.  For decades both Nola and Maggie have been haunted by the murder.  Will the truth finally come out? What did it make me think about? Who did it? Should I read it? This is a  quick thriller with a lot of suspects and a good plot.  I found it slightly predictable but enjoyed it.  It would be a great vacation book for anyone who likes a murder mystery. Quote-​ ‘We’re going to send it all in,’ the chief says, spreading his arms open wide.  ‘Have the state lab retest all the old evidence.  A lot has changed in forensics in the past twenty-five years.’ “

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