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Things We Didn’t Talk About When I Was A Girl

By Jeannie Vanasco


357 pages

“Bold, unsettling, and timely . . . critically important.”—Laurie Halse Anderson,TIME
What’s it about? Jeannie Vanasco is in college when her good friend Mark rapes her.  Fourteen years later she decides to write a memoir about this experience.  Vanesco makes the unusual decision to include Mark’s viewpoint in the story. In cases of sexual assault 8 out of 10 victims know their perpetrators.  This book is an unusual exploration into sexual assault.
What did it make me think about? Can good people do horrible things?Should I read it? Anyone interested in the #metoo movement will be drawn to this book. Quote- “Mark said the assault changed the story he could tell about himself.  It changed my personal narrative too- or it confirmed what I’d suspected but was afraid to admit: I cared too much about pleasing men.  I didn’t stop Mark partly because I didn’t want to embarrass him. What sort of feminist acts like this?​ I asked myself- instead of asking, What sort of friend does what Mark did?  “

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