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These Women

By Ivy Pochoda


334 pages

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​What’s it about?
In the mid-nineties more than a dozen women are murdered in similar fashion in South L.A.  The crimes don’t get much attention- except from the mother’s of the victims.  It’s now 25 years later and the murders have begun again.  Who are these women that are being killed?  Through the eyes of “these women” we hear their stories.“This is what happens.  One day you’re fine and fierce and still able to pretend you’re in control, that men want you because they want you, not because anything can be had at a price.  Next thing, you’re big and battered, lying in the back of a shitty town car, rolling around with dudes like Julianna’s dad or worse.  Dudes who think that because they have jobs, families, something steady somewhere else, they are better than you, they have a right to you.  Dudes who think that because they have enough cash to pay for you or your drinks or your dinner, they have every right.”
What did it make me think about?
Who does society listen to, and who does society ignore?Should I read it?
This was a great book!  I literally could not put it down. The story Ivy Pochoda chooses to tell and the way she presents it is masterful.  It is also timely.

“But it continues.  Always  For her and for the rest of the mothers who’ve lost their children.  To expect a reprieve, to expect to be released- that’s the true insanity.  Because it’s everywhere, this violence.  It reaches forward and back.”

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