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These Precious Days

By Ann Patchett


320 pages

What’s it about?

This is a collection of personal essays written by Ann Patchett.  Each essay stands alone, although I really enjoyed reading them as a collection.

What did it make me think about?

All the things that make up a life….

Should I read it?

I read “Patron Saint of Liars” many years ago and have enjoyed every book Ann Patchett has written since.  Unfortunately most of these books were read before I started this site for my friends- this means that many of you might be unaware that Ann Patchett joins a small group of writers that I really enjoy.  “Bel Canto” remains one of our book club’s favorites- even all these years later.  In complete honesty, I have not read any of Patchett’s children books (in fact I was totally unaware of them) so I must not be the superfan that I imagined myself.  I will have to work on that!

I checked this book out from the library and returned it.  Then I immediately started buying it for friends.  To me that is the ultimate compliment.  Don’t miss this one!


“Having someone who believed in my failure more than my success kept me alert.  It made me fierce.  Without ever meaning to, my father taught me at an early age to give up on the idea of approval.  I wish I could bottle that freedom now and give it to every young writer that I meet, with an extra bottle for the women.  I would give them the ability both to love and not to care.”

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