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The Weekend

By Charlotte Wood


260 pages

What’s it about? Four women have been friends for decades.  Now in their seventies, Sylvie has died.  The  three remaining friends (and one very ancient dog) meet up one last time at Sylvie’s seaside cottage to help clear out her things.  They spend the weekend trying to sort through mementos and feelings as they look back on their lives.What did it make me think about? The shared history of friends.Should I read it? Well, this book may not be for everyone.  For one thing it talks a lot about aging and what young person finds that interesting?  I, however, found it very interesting.  It seemed to me that all three women were trying to find their way as their lives change.  Are they relevant anymore?  Do they matter?  What is happening to their bodies? How does our friend group survive death?“This was something no one talked about: How death could make you petty.  And how you had to find a new arrangement among your friends, shuffling around the gap of the lost one, all of you suddenly mystified by how to be with one another.”I would highly recommend this book.  Just be aware this story is more about the characters than the action. Quote- “She wrapped herself around him, trying to warm him with her body, trying to save him with her old, damaged, incapable love.”

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