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The Trespasser

By Tana French


449 pages

What’s it about? This Irish mystery centers on Detective Antionette Conway and her partner Stephen Moran.  Antoinette is the perpetual outsider on the murder squad while her partner Stephen Moran is the likable new young detective.  Luckily for Antoinette, Stephen seems to get her.   Antionette is on the verge of leaving when she is handed a new case.  This case will test her relationship with her partner, as well as her resolve to remain a detective.What did I think? This was classic Tana French, and I enjoy losing myself in a good Tana French novel.  Lots of Irish slang and Irish atmosphere, along with a good mystery, shape all of Tana Frenchs’ novels. Should you read it? This was a classic who-dun-it with a little Ireland thrown in for color.  If you like a well-written mystery,  then I recommend “The Trespasser”. Quote- “The case comes in, or anyway it comes to us, on a frozen dawn in the kind of closed-down January that makes you think the sun’s never going to drag itself back above the horizon.  Me and my partner are finishing up another night shift, the kind I used to think wouldn’t exist on the Murder Squad: a massive scoop of boring and a bigger one of stupid, topped off with an avalanche of paperwork. “

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