the next good book

The Thursday Murder Club

By Richard Osman


351 pages

What’s it about?

Four friends meet each week in their picturesque retirement village to work on old unsolved murder cases. When a local man is found dead they are all of a sudden in the middle of their first live case.  But who will find the murderer first- the police or the Thursday Murder Club?

What did it make me think about?

 Who did it?

Should I read it?

This story is just like those cozy slippers you put on in the fall- comfortable and so pleasant to spend time in.  I am definitely adding this to my Gift Ideas section.  It would make a great gift for mom at the holidays.  I would assume this will please any fan of Louise Penny and most mystery lovers.  Just make yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy this one.


“Elizabeth had formed the Thursday Murder Club with Penny.  Penny had been an inspector in the Kent Police for many years, and she would bring along the files of unsolved murder cases. She wasn’t really supposed to have the files, but who was to know?  After a certain age, you can pretty much do whatever takes your fancy.  No one tells you off, except for your doctor and your children.”

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