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The Storyteller

By Dave Grohl


371 pages

What’s it about? Dave Grohl is a founding member of the band The Foo Fighters.  He took his off time during Covid to write his memoir. What did it make me think about? Rock n Roll! Should I read it? I saw Dave Grohl interviewed on a news segment about his new memoir and thought what an affable, interesting guy…. I would like to read that book.  You know what- I still think what an affable and interesting guy.  I had no idea that his journey took him from punk, to Nirvana and beyond.  Any fan of Dave Grohl will love this book.  For the rest of us- it is still a good story. Quote- “One problem was we were now attracting the same people who used to kick our asses in high school for being different, who called us ‘faggots’ and ‘queers’ for the clothes we wore and the music we listened to.   Our fanbase was changing to include macho monster-truck homophobes and meathead jocks whose worlds revolved around beer and football. We had always been he outcasts.  We had always been the weirdos.  We were not one of them.  So, how could they become one of us?”

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