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The Shining Girls

By Lauren Beukes


368 pages

What’s it about? This book follows a time-traveling serial killer ,named Harper, through Chicago from the 1930’s through the mid 1990’s.  Harper is a seriously scary man, but he leaves one murder unfinished and that sets the stage for a great story.  Kirby Mazrachi is the unlikely heroine of this novel.  With the great city of Chicago as the backdrop, we watch Kirby relentlessly hunt down her attacker. What did it make me think about? This bookwas so good!  Who would think to combine time travel and a serial killer?  Lauren Beukes is a very clever author.  She created complicated characters, and then set them in a story with time travel, which added a whole new dimension to the novel .   I also enjoyed seeing glimpses of Chicago during the different decades.  I really enjoyed the nail biting suspense of this book. Should I read it? If you like a good thriller then this is your summer beach book!   It made me think of last summer’s blockbuster “Gone Girl”- but much better! Quote- “The house demands more.  It wants potential- to claim the fire in their eyes and snuff it out.  Harper knows how to do that.  He will need to buy a knife.  Sharp as a bayonet.” Question- Would you like to see Kirby in a follow up novel?

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