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The Searcher

By Tana French


451 pages

What’s it about? Cal Hooper is a retired Chicago cop who’s recent divorce has led him to find a new life in the countryside of Ireland.  Cal is busy working on his new fixer-upper home when a kid (Trey) starts showing up around his house.  He soon finds that Trey’s brother has gone missing and Trey wants some outside help to find out what happened. What did it make me think about? Ireland must have a beautiful landscape.  Tana French’s description of the countryside is captivating. Should I read it? I have loved Tana French novels ever since I picked up “Into the Woods”.  For me this book was slower than her previous novels, and had a different tone to it.  The writing is descriptive and beautiful, but the mystery was slow to pull me in.  I enjoyed it but in a different way than I was expecting.  My presumption with a Tana French novel is that I will not be able to put it down.  Not so true withThe Searcher-but again, it could have been my mood. Quote- ​     ” ‘Sure, they oughtn’t to give you gun anyway,’ Barty the barman told him, when he pointed this out. ‘Why not?’ ‘Because you’re American.   We’re all mental with the guns, over there.   Shooting them off at the drop of a hat.  Blowing some fella away because he bought the last packet of Twinkies in the shop.  The rest of us wouldn’t be safe.’ “

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