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The Queen Of Tuesday

By Darin Strauss


315 pages

What’s it about? This book chronicles an imagined love affair between the author’s real life grandfather and Lucille Ball. What did it make me think about? When will this really strange book have a clear direction?   The book did made me think about what constitutes a good marriage, but that thread is lost among all the other threads that the author tries to weave. Should I read it? Darin Strauss is obviously a talented writer- and yet I disliked this book. It was tedious to read.  So choppy- one moment the characters are having a discussion and the next moment they are having an inner dialogue.  It was just hard to get in the flow of the narrative.  For the record my dislike of this novel had nothing to do with my feelings about Lucille Ball.  It had everything to do with the writing style. Quote- “If you want to know a person, learn what she keeps herself from remembering.” “He’s been dipping in and out of time, paying occasional attention to this, his non-Lucille life, his actual life.  It hasn’t quite been unendurable.  Just utterly beside the point. “

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