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The Push

By Ashley Audrain


303 pages

What’s it about? Blythe Connor is newly married and madly in love.  Her husband wants a family, but she is worried about becoming a mother.  Her family has a history of women who do not take to motherhood.  When she finds herself pregnant she is determined to be a good mother and break the mold.What did it make me think about? Are we reliable witnesses to our own history?Should I read it? I love an author who knows what he/she is writing.  This book never veers from being a strong psychological thriller.  I can’t imagine we won’t be seeing this on every beach towel this summer. Quote- “I felt like I would never have with her what you had. ‘It’s all in your head,’  you said to me whenever I brought it up.  ‘You’ve created this story about the two of you, and you can’t let it go.’ “

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