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The Power

By Naomi Alderman


382 pages

What’s it about? Imagine a world in the future where women develop a  power that makes it possible to physically dominate men.  How would society change?  Naomi Alderman cleverly asks this question in her new novel.What did I think? This novel is based on a really interesting question- how much does physical power really affect the relationship between sexes?  What if women were the ones with the physical dominance?  What would it change? Should you read it? This was an interesting premise and made for a pretty good book.  I would recommend this selection for book clubs.  Lots of interesting assumptions are made in this story that would generate good discussions. Quote- “There is a part in each of us which holds fast to the old truth: either you are the hunter or you are the prey.  Learn which you are.  Act accordingly.  Your life depends on it.”

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