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The Other Einstein

By Marie Benedict


284 pages

What’s it about? This is another novel that takes the framework from history and fills in the cracks with the author’s imagination.  Marie Benedict explores the relationship between Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric in this novel.  Mileva was a fellow physics student before becoming Einstein’s first wife. What did it make me think about? The role of women in society has changed so tremendously over the past hundred years.  How difficult it would have been to be a woman with aspirations of your own at this time in history. Should I read it? This book was interesting and quick but I did feel that the author took a lot of liberties with the story.   She seemed bent on portraying Mileva as the true genius.   It seems much more imagined than real- and yet who really knows? Quote- “My experiences with other young ladies generally ended poorly.  Commonalities between myself and them were few at best.  At worst, I had suffered meanness and degradation at the hands of my classmates, male and female, especially when they realized the scope of my ambitions.”

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