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The One Man

By Andrew Gross


407 pages

What’s it about? It is 1944 and Alfred Mendl is imperative to the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos.  Beating the Germans in this race will determine the outcome of the war.  The only problem is that Alfred Mendl and his family were rounded up and sent to Auschwitz.  Can Intelligence officer Nathan Blum get Mendl out of the camp? What did it make me think about? One would have to completely suspend all rational thought to buy into this story!  The author clearly has a gift for suspense, but really…. Should I read it? Okay- I must admit that EVERYONE loves this book.  It was widely reviewed and I did not see one unfavorable opinion.  Gross took actual historical facts and wove them into a suspenseful story that I felt was just too far-fetched.  I am going against the tide here- but I did not like this book at all!  Maybe I am just overdone with WWII Nazi stories.  I would recommend this book to anyone who really likes WWII, suspense, and an easy read.  Anyone who would like a little more substance- walk past this one on the shelf! Quote- “The barking of the dogs was closing in on them, not far behind now. The two men clawed through the dense Polish forest at night, clinging to the banks of the Vistula, only miles from Slovakia.  Their withered bodies cried out from exhaustion, on the edge of giving out.”

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