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The Nest

By Cynthia D'aprix Sweeney


353 pages

The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney What’s it about? This novel is all about the Plumb family- in particular the four grown Plumb children.  Yes they are unlikable at times, yes they have issues, yes they resemble some people we know…. but the author writes about them with love and lots of humor.  This unfailingly honest portrayal of the adult Plumb children grappling to get a hold of the family nest egg is worth your time.  Plus, in Leo,  we find a character that we can dislike without feeling conflicted about it. What did it make me think about? Life is filled with difficulties- the key is finding joy in the unexpected places. Should I read it? Really fun summer beach read! Quote- “Over the years, she’d considered having a baby with any number of people.  Marriage was not part of her plan: she wasn’t against it, she just wasn’t for it.  She treated her occasional yearning for a baby the same way she treated her occasional yearning for a dog.  Let it linger and wait to see if it passed, which it always did, which she took as a good sign.  Because other things she desired (her house, a particular author signed, a midcentury table in good condition) didn’t flit through, they planted themselves until she turned desire into ownership.  That her fleeting thoughts of motherhood never truly haunted her the way, say, her quest for the magenta peony bushes in her yard did was comforting as she imagined her ovaries surrendering the final vestiges of fertile eggs into the hinterlands of her reproductive system.”

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