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The Most Fun We Ever Had

By Claire Lombardo


532 pages

What’s it about? This is the story of a marriage and the family that follows.  Marilyn and David meet in the 1970’s and fall in love.  They subsequently marry and have a family.  This is their story.What did it make me think about? Marriage, love, family, children, loss.  This is a novel with many characters that have pretty good lives.  But as is true in real life- no one gets away with out some heartbreak.Should I read it? I think most readers who enjoy literary fiction will find something to like about this book.  Lombardo has written vivid, unique characters that practically jump off the page.  I really liked this book- but I must admit that sometimes I just wanted to shake these characters and tell them to “get it together”!  Having said that,  I appreciated that each character in this book had a unique perspective and a set of problems that go along with that perspective. Quote-It was in moments like this that Wendy remembered how much she loved her sister- her prissy, perfectionist, annoying-as-all-get-out sister- because Violet was the only person on the earth who had experienced the world in almost the exact same way, in real time, step for step, save for those first few months of life, but even then she’d been accompanied by Violet for most of the time, Violet growing inside of their mother.”

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