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The Lucky Years

By David B. Agus M.d.


238 pages

The Lucky Years by David B. Agus, M.D. What’s it about? David Agus is a physician who has written several books on health.  His latest book, “The Lucky Years”, makes the point that medically we are living in the luckiest time yet to be alive.  He discusses the latest in science and technologies and how they will help you to customize your own health care in the near future.  He also reiterates prevention; especially the importance of nutrition, sleep, and exercise in maintaining a healthy body. What did it make me think about? I came away thinking I should try to always eat between 7am and 7pm, move as much as possible, and always get a good night’s sleep.  I also am going to ask my Dr. about low dose aspirin, statins, and DNA testing.  Lots to think about- including how fast new information changes what is being recommended. Should I read it? If you are interested in the future of health, or even in just your own future health, then this book is very interesting. Quote- “The explosion of medical information has far outstripped our ability to process it.  This is why we need a new way to make personal health choices.  After all, we have already entered the Lucky Years, and those of us who have the information to take action will only get luckier.  I can’t reiterate this enough: your right to pass into the Lucky Years is not predicated on wealth, personal resources, or social status.  In the old world of medicine, only those who could afford the surgery and expensive, exclusive therapies to look younger could benefit.  But now the game has changed.  The Lucky Years don’t discriminate based on money.  They’re a privilege of the prepared and knowledgable.”

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