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The Love Story Of Miss Queenie Hennesy

By Rachel Joyce


366 pages

The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennesy by Rachel Joyce What’s it about? This is the story of Queenie Hennessy.  Queenie is waiting in a hospice for her long lost friend Harold Fry.   Harold is walking the length of England on a Pilgrimmage to see Queenie.  This is the companion book to “The Unlikely Pilgrammage of Harold Fry”.   I now know that the two books were written at the same time, but were released consecutively.  I loved “The Unlikely Pilgrammage of Harold Fry” so much that I put off reading this book, fearing it would be a disappointment.  I should of had more faith in Rachel Joyce! What did it make me think about? This is a kind, sweet book that again points out the beauty in the ordinary things in life. Should I read it? This book is a gift to those of us that loved Harold Fry.  It does not disappoint! Quote- “Because if you picture other people like you, you will no longer be alone.  And when you share, you see that your own sorrow is not so big or special.  You are only another person feeling sad, and soon it will pass and you will be another person, feeling happy.  It takes the sting out of life, I find, when you realize you are not alone”. ​

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