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The Lost Night

By Andrea Bartz


311 pages

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What’s it about? This psychological thriller takes us to present day New York City.  Lindsey is a fact checker for a large men’s magazine.   As 2019 approaches she starts to look back at her first year in New York and the group of friends she has since left behind.  It has been almost ten years since her best friend Edie committed suicide.  Lindsey and Edie had been a part of a “hipster” group of young adults living in Brooklyn in 2009.  Lindsey just wishes she could remember what happened to Edie the night she died.  Why does she always feel so guilty when she thinks of that night?  Was she responsible somehow?  Her quest leads her down a path of broken memories and fractured thoughts.  How did Edie really die?What did it make me think about? This book was a story from a writer of a certain generation.  From the hipster vibe to the references to Ritalin being prescribed in childhood.   I kept thinking someone had taken the cast of “Friends” and turned them into drug-addled alcoholics and then written a story about them. Should I read it? This book was a somewhat different take on a psychological thriller.  The story took turns I did not always expect.  I feel like the copious amount of dialogue somewhat got in the way of the flow of the plot, but I still kept turning the pages.  If you like a psychological thriller then this may be your summer book! Quote- “When you pull up a memory, you’re actually recalling the last time you remembered it- not the event itself.”  

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