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The Long And Faraway Gone

By Lou Berney


454 pages

What’s it about? This book simultaneously tells of two crimes that take place in Oklahoma City in the summer of 1986.  Six people are brutally murdered during an armed robbery at a movie theatre.  That same summer a teenage girl goes missing at the fair and is never found.  Twenty-five years later the survivors of these crimes are still struggling to make sense of it all.
What did I think? It’s a good one.   Both crimes are not fully understood, so we are swept up in not only two mysteries, but also in the lives of the survivors.
Should you read it? I would recommend this one!  Another good beach read.
Quote- “Wyatt didn’t think the cop was dumb.  The cop, like everyone, was just keeping his finger on the pulse of his own self-interest.  He had real crimes to solve, real criminals to catch, so he saw the evidence in front of him the way he wanted to see it.  Humans, by nature, did this all the time.  They wanted something, so they found reasons to support that desire.  And then they convinced themselves that the reasons came first, that the reasons led to the desire and not the other way around. “

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