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The Loney

By Andrew Michael Hurley


360 pages

What’s it about? This is an eerie and atmospheric novel that centers around two brothers. The story takes place in England during the 1970’s. The narrator has always been his mute older brother’s protector. He looks back at a pilgrimage from their childhood that would change their lives and their faith. The Catholic Church and all it’s rituals play an important role in the story. What did it make me think about? It reminded me of all good gothic novels- it was full of unease and doom. This story centered on the characters faith, or lack of faith, and certainly left you wondering. Should I read it? This book won the “2015 Costa First Novel Award” and was the “British Book Awards Best Book of 2016” so I was expecting a lot. This book was good and the author did a great job of creating atmosphere and tension. My biggest criticism is that it seemed to take a good portion of the novel to set up the plot. In the end I was impressed with the book, but am not sure everyone would like it. Quote- “He gave me a wry smile. Even as he asked the question I think he knew that I didn’t and hadn’t for some time. Priests are like doctors. They know that people lie about the things they think will disappoint them.”

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