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The Local

By Joey Hartstone


305 pages

What’s it about?

James Euchre is a patent attorney in the small town of Marshall, Texas.  Marshall has become a hotbed for federal patent law cases.  James Euchre is the favorite local counsel for most of the big city law firms that come to town.  When Amir Zawar arrives to to defend his company against a patent infringement claim he suddenly finds himself in jail and accused of murder.  James Euchre is about to try his first murder case.

What did it make me think about?

All the ways we love and hate a small town.

Should I read it?

This novel was thoroughly enjoyable.  I am not a big legal thriller fan so I was surprised at how easy this book was to read.  It captured my attention and had just enough twists and turns to keep me interested.  I thoroughly enjoyed the character of James Euchre and hope to read more about him in another book….From what I understand this is Joey Hartstone’s first novel as he usually writes for movies and TV.   I am hoping he writes a few more novels- but I assume we will see this story on the big screen soon.  If you like a legal thriller, or just a good mystery, then pick this one up.


“People divide the world into two parts.  The line shifts depending on what the subject of division is, but the sides are always the same: Us and them.  Old and young.  Rich and poor.  Powerful and weak.  Red and blue.  Black and white.  Foreign and local.  My objective in court was to draw the line in such a way that the jurors found themselves on the same side as my client.”

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