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The Latecomers

By Helen Klein Ross


404 pages

What’s it about? It is 1908 and sixteen-year-old Bridey is running away with her sweetheart, Thom, from Ireland  to America.  When Thom becomes sick and dies on the boat Bridey must make her own way in a strange new country.
What did it make me think about? Life has changed a lot since 1908.  Lots of little interesting historical facts included in this multi-generational story.Should I read it? If you are a fan of historical fiction then this book is worth picking up. Quote- “As she followed Mary through aisles gleaming with merchandise under glass, Bridey felt suddenly better.  She stared at the girls behind counters. They did indeed, look very American.  It wasn’t just the whiteness of their teeth or how they fixed their hair, it was the way they stood upright, unapologetic, free of the deference apparent in the postures of those who had lately come to this country.”

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