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The Latecomer

By Jean Hanff Korelitz


437 pages

What’s it about?

This book centers on the Oppenheimer family.  Salo Oppenheimer is involved in a tragedy that colors his life.  When he marries Johanna he attempts to move forward but even the birth of triplets fails to touch him.  The triplets- Harrison, Sally, and Lewyn lack for nothing, and yet they never seem to connect to each other- or to other people.  Events change and so do the Oppenheimers.

What did it make me think about?

What causes that invisible, unexplainable connection to other people?

Should I read it?

This was a thoroughly appealing family story.  All about how we connect (or fail to connect) to the people around us.  The author manages to get in lots of social satire about the world we live in- at the same time the narrator is weaving a very engaging tale of a struggling family. I do not want to give anything away but I highly recommend this one!


“Their mother, as long as Lewyn could remember, had hoarded and imbued with great significance such tiny moments, all while seeing so little of who the three of them actually were.”

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