The Last Thing He Told Me

By Laura Dave


303 pages

What’s it about?
Hannah Hall is thirty eight-years-old and a successful woodturner when she meets Owen Michaels and falls in love. She soon finds herself moving to California where she becomes Owen’s wife.  Hannah also becomes a step-mother to Owen’s daughter Bailey.  Bailey is a sixteen year old teenager with no interest in a new mom.  When one day Owen goes missing Hannah and Bailey find a way to come together and find Owen.What did it make me think about?
What happened to Owen?Should I read it?
I love a book that is clear about what it is- this book is a good old fashioned mystery.  What happened to Owen?  Is there something in his past that Hannah is unaware of?Quote-
“You see it all the time on television.  There’s a knock at the front door.  And, on the other side, someone is waiting to tell you the news that changes everything.”

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