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The Last Girl

By Nadia Murad


306 pages

The Last Girl by Nadia MuradWhat’s it about? Nadia Murad was born in raised in Kocha, a small village in Northern Iraq.  She is a member of the Yazidi community and has always lived a quiet life in her close community.  Nadia is just twenty-one years old when ISIS militants take over her village. They quickly execute all the men that refuse to convert to Islam, and all the women too old to become sex slaves.  Nadia ,along with thousands of other Yazidi women, is taken to Mosul and forced into the slave trade.   This is her story.
What did it make me think about? Reading this I kept thinking about all the Holocaust books I have read.  I always thought,, “We need to remember so it does not ever happen again”.  But it does happen- Rwanda, Iraq, and Syria are just recent examples.  It just boggles the mind that such evil exists- and so little is done to stop it.Should I read it? Nadia Murad just won the Noble Peace prize.  She is remarkable young woman who has turned her personal tragedy into her life’s work.  As she said, “I know now that I was born in the heart of the crimes committed against me.” I found this book to be a page-turner that was disturbing and unsettling.  How do these events keep happening?  How does religion so often play a key role?  We see the refugee crisis on the evening news, but this book makes the crisis personal.Quote- “I still think that being forced to leave your home out of fear is one of the worst injustices a human being can face.  Everything you love is stolen, and you risk your life to live in a place that means nothing to you and where, because you come from a country now known for war and terrorism, you are not really wanted.  So you spend the rest of years longing for what you left behind while praying not to be deported.”

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