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The Lake House

By Kate Morton


492 pages

What’s it about?
This is a good old-fashioned mystery by English writer Kate Morton.  I read “The Forgotten Garden” a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think of her books as an easy treat!

What did I think?
This book started off a little slow, but did not disappoint in the end.

Should you read it?
This is just a fun book to read.  The plot pulls you along, the mystery keeps you wondering, and the English countryside is a great setting.  If you like your books all tied up in a bow at the end- then you will love Kate Morton.

“All of London passed through those tunnels, a steady flow of humanity in its many weird and wonderful forms, and among them Alice slipped like a ghost.  To age was contemptible, but the single silver lining was the cloak of invisibility gifted by the years.  Nobody noticed the little old lady sitting primly in a corner of the carriage, handbag on her knee.”

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