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The Invisible Life Of Addie Larue

By V.e. Schwab


442 pages

Recommended by Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, NPR, Slate, and Oprah Magazine  #1 Library Reads Pick–October 2020
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What’s it about?
Addie is 23 years-old and lives in a small village in France in 1714.  She longs for a bigger life but she is destined to marry, work, and die in this same small village.“Her future will rush by the same as her past, only worse, because there will be no freedom, only a marriage bed and a deathbed and perhaps a childbed between, and when she dies it will be as though she never lived.”On the eve of her wedding to a local widower she panics and runs away.  Not realizing that it has turned dark she prays to the old Gods.  A mysterious handsome stranger appears and makes a bargain with Addie.   She will have freedom but he gets her soul when she no longer wants to live.  Too late she realizes the cost of the bargain. She will live as she pleases, but no one will remember her.
What did it make me think about?
Be careful what you ask for!  So this novel was part fantasy, part romance, part historical fiction and engrossing to the last page.“A story is an idea, wild as weed, springing up wherever it is planted.”Who doesn’t love a good story?
Should I read it?
Yes.  This novel is for anyone who wants to suspend belief for a little while.  Not sure how to categorize it, but I do recommend it.
“I gave you what you asked for, Adeline.  Time, without constraint.  Life without restriction.”
“You cursed me to be forgotten”
“You asked for freedom.  There is no greater freedom than that.  You can move through the world unhindered.  Untethered. Unbound.”

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