the next good book

The Hunting Party

By Lucy Foley


352 pages

What’s it about?
Nine former college friends make a point to have an annual reunion on New Year’s Eve every year.  This year they choose get together at a small, remote Scottish hunting lodge.  During their stay one of the people at the lodge goes missing.  The story centers around a cast of characters that all may be harboring their own secrets….What did it make me think about?
This was just a really good page turner.

Should I read it?
For anyone who is looking for a book that will suspend any thoughts but “What is going to happen next?”- this book is for you!

“But I was struck by the thought that they did not seem completely comfortable in one another’s company.  Which was odd, as they’d told me right at the beginning that they were very old friends.  But that’s the thing about old friends, isn’t it?  Sometimes they don’t even realize that they no longer have anything in common.”

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