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The Gunners

By Rebecca Kauffman


260 pages

What’s it about? So my first thought was, “this is a remake of ‘The Big Chill’ for millennials”.  I may not have been too far off with my first thought….  Much like “The Big Chill” this was thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end.  Who isn’t drawn in by a group of childhood friends who years later are drawn back together for the funeral of one of the group?  Did I mention it was a suicide? What did it make me think about? This novel is about friendship- pure and simple.  Especially long enduring friendships.  Rebecca Kauffman addresses her characters emotional lives head on- in a way that most writers don’t.  It made for a different kind of novel. Should I read it? SO- keeping in mind that I may have just been in the mood for something quick and easy- I would say yes!  This novel was just fun to read.  Lots of drama, lots of quirky characters, and some mystery.  I must tell you that you will need to suspend your disbelief and just go with it (for example- if Mikey is truly that well-loved wouldn’t he have made some more friends over the years….).  But so what! Sometimes it is fun to just read something that is engrossing and keeps you interested.  I would say this is a really good summer, beach read with some thought provoking, deep points made by the author. Quote- “He said, ‘I think at various times in life we’re either more or less true to who we really are. But that essence, thatwho we are…I don’t know if that that ever changes.’”

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