the next good book

The Gone Dead

By Chantelle Benz


293 pages

What’s it about? Billie James is in her early thirties when she inherits a shack from her grandmother in the Mississippi Delta.  Thirty years earlier Billie had been staying with her father at the shack when he died of an apparent accident.    Billie comes back to Mississippi and soon begins to question exactly how her dad died.  How much does she remember of that night?  What really happened?What did it make me think about? This was just a good mystery set in the Mississippi Delta.  Who did it? Should I read it? I enjoyed this book.  Lots of style and grit to the writing and a pretty good plot too. Quote- “They still thought that they would be rich when they grew up and buy their momma a big house, and that the Lord’s love would save them from a world that might find them too dangerous to live”.

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