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The Giver Of Stars

By Jojo Moyes


387 pages

What’s it about?
Alice Wright is an Englishwoman who has yet to find a husband- much to the chagrin of her parents.  When a handsome American, Bennet Van Cleve, comes to Europe they meet and decide to marry.  It is a win-win as Alice is infatuated with Bennett and it also gets her away from her overbearing parents.  Unfortunately, when they return to Kentucky nothing is as she imagined.   Luckily the new traveling library is looking for women volunteers to deliver books into the countryside.  Alice volunteers and finally finds what she has always longed for.

What did it make me think about?
The history was interesting.

Should I read it?
This is a work of historical fiction, but it also has all you have come to expect from Jojo Moyes, lots of drama and romance.  It took me a while to be interested in the characters, but the second half of the book kept my interest.  I know there is some controversy surrounding this book.  I gather another book that was released shortly before,The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek,is eerily similar. I have not read the The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek so I have no idea.  Although this story was not one of my favorites, I can see that this book will have mass appeal.

“Riding all winter, a librarian would wrap up so heavily it was to remember what she looked like underneath: two vests, a flannel shirt, a thick sweater and a jacket with maybe a scarf or two over the top- that was the daily uniform up in the mountains, perhaps with a pair of man’s thick leather gloves over her own, a hat rammed low as she could get it, and another scarf pulled high over her nose, so that breath might bounce back and warm her skin a little.”

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