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The Girl On A Train


323 pages

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins What’s it about? This is an old fashioned thriller.  Rachel sees something from the train that she cannot get out of her mind.  She is an alcoholic and an unreliable witness, but this does not stop her from getting involved in a very dangerous situation. What did it make me think about? Hmmmmm.  This book was like a good B movie.  It moved along at a good pace but it just lacked that special something that makes it great. Should I read it? It is quick and you want to turn the pages but most of the time I was exasperated with Rachel.   In fact most of the characters are flawed to the point of being unlikable.  This book did not live up to the hype for me. Quote- “I can see that Cathy’s bedroom door is open.  I peer into her room.  Her bed is made.  It’s possible  she has already got up and made it, but I don’t think she stayed here last night, which is a source of some relief.  If she isn’t here, she didn’t see or hear me come in last night, which means she doesn’t know how bad I was.  This shouldn’t matter, but it does: the sense of shame I feel about an incident is proportionate not just to the gravity of the situation, but also to the number of people who witnessed it.” Question- What did you think about the end of the book?

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