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The Female Persuasion

By Meg Wolitzer


464 pages

What’s it about? Greer Kadetsky is a college freshman when she experiences the full weight of being a woman in a man’s world.  Not long after that she meets Faith Frank, a famous leader of the women’s movement. Greer becomes inspired.  This is the story of Greer and her progression as both a feminist and a person.
What did it make me think about? This book questions what feminism means.
Should I read it? This was a good book.  However, I have never been enthusiastic about Meg Wolitzer’s books.  This story hasn’t changed my mind.  I am not sure why?  The writing is good, the plot moves along, and the characters are interesting.  Still- just didn’t love it….
Quote-“So!  Faith Frank hired me, originally based on nothing.  She took me in and taught me things, and more than that she gave me permission.  I think that’s what the people who change our lives do.  They give us permission to be the person we secretly really long to be but maybe don’t feel we’re allowed to.”​

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