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The Children’s Crusade

By Ann Packer


432 pages

The Children’s Crusade by Ann Packer Disclaimer- I chose not to even finish this book. What’s it about? This book follows the Blair family- Bill, Penny and four children as they grow up in California.  The story flips from the past to the present to examine the four children and how they became the adults they are today. What did I think? I made it to page 200 and very uncharacteristically decided to be done with this one. Should you read it? I just found the Blair family boring and decide if after 200 pages I still did not care about the characters then I might as well give up. Quote- “ ‘We never get over it,’ she said to me during one of our first sessions together.  ‘What’s that?’  I said, and she said, ‘Having started out as children’. “

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